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Housing a fundamental issue for Sinn Féin - Crowe

28 October, 2006

Sinn Féin’s Social Affairs spokesperson Seán Crowe TD said that housing will be one of the party’s fundamental campaigning issues in the next election. He was speaking at a special one-day party conference on housing policy which discussed a range of proposals around housing including measures to provide more social and affordable housing and enhanced protections for people in the private rented sector.


The Dublin South-West TD said: “We believe that housing will be one of the most fundamental issues facing voters in the upcoming election. Today’s conference is about ensuring that Sinn Féin can go into the next election presenting the people with a comprehensive set of policy proposals and initiatives around resolving the housing crisis in this state.


“Next week, Sinn Féin will propose legislation in the Dáil to reverse the changes to Part V of the Planning Act that allows developers to buy their way out of providing 20% social and affordable housing. There are almost 44,000 households on local authority waiting lists and any elected representative, no matter what party they represent, can tell you about the endless stream of people coming into constituency clinics looking for help.


“Despite this, less than 5% of homes completed in the first three months of this year were for local authority tenants, and a Sinn Féin survey announced yesterday in Dublin, showed that the limits on the affordable housing schemes in Dublin bear no relation to spiralling house prices.


“As well as social and affordable housing, we will be debating a range of issues today, including enhanced protections for people living in the rented sector, taxes on speculative property investment, to prevent speculators driving up the price of houses stopping first-time buyers getting onto the property ladder, and the specific difficulties encountered by people with special needs.”



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