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Report exposes activities of RUC/UDR death squad

6 November, 2006

Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy today attended the launch of a report compiled by a panel of international legal experts into the involvement of members of the UDR and RUC in the murder of 76 people. The murder gang was based at the UDR base at Glennane in South Armagh.

Mr Murphy said:

"Nationalists and republicans in South Armagh know only too well the legacy of the UDR/RUC unionist murder gang which operated from the Glennane base. This report lifts the lid on their involvement in over 70 sectarian murders and exposes the fact that senior figures in the RUC were fully aware of the killings and the role of their colleagues in them. The evidence is simply irrefutable.

"For many years Sinn Féin was a lone voice in exposing British State collusion with unionist paramilitaries. We were vilified by the political and media establishment who dismissed claims of collusion as 'republican propaganda'. We have now been vindicated and will continue to stand with the families of those killed by the British State in their search for the truth.

"The British State is going to have to face up to its role in the systematic murder of over 1100 nationalists and republicans both directly and through their surrogates in the various unionist death squads." ENDS

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