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34,000 Voters Wiped-Off Fingal Electoral Register

15 November, 2006

BLANCHARDSTOWN Sinn Féin Councillor Felix Gallagher has called for an extension of the electoral register closing date following confirmation that approximately 34,000 people have been wiped-off the electoral register.

The General Election Candidate said "This report shows that just under 34,000 people have been removed from the electoral register. This figure seems excessive and it would appear that many people entitled to vote will not now be on the register. Historically, when such a process takes places it hits hardest at working class communities and in areas with already low-voter turnout. I would call for an extension of the closing date for the electoral register and pro-active targeting of those who have been removed from the register. The process outlined states that all households were called at twice and four letters issued. Unfortunately, it appears that this was not the case in many areas, with some not receiving any contact. I have also been contact by one household who completed the necessary form for three people, yet only one of those appears on the draft register. People across the world have sacrificed a lot to ensure their right to vote and it is not acceptable that so many people can be disenfranchised in this manner." CRÍOCH.

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