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Council displays utter contempt on water cuts -- O'Toole

30 November, 2006

Sinn Féin's Cllr Larry O'Toole has described the manner in which Dublin City Council announced the shutting off of water supply to parts of the northside as a display of utter contempt. Pointing out that he has advocated better systems of informing people of cuts, Cllr O'Toole said state that the supply of two water tanks for emergency use is insufficient, especially for those in the community who would find travelling to these tanks for three days supply of water prohibitively difficult.

The Dublin North-East general election candidate said: "From Friday evening, huge areas of the north-east of Dublin are going to be deprived of any water and for many of them, the first they know of it will be when they turn on the taps on Friday night. Tucked away in the back pages of today's newspapers is the announcement that parts of Fairview, Clontarf, Raheny, Killester and Kilbarrack are to have their water supply cut off until Sunday afternoon.

"I have proposed to the City Council that as well as newspaper advertisements, they undertake to put up posters in strategic locations in the areas that will be affected by cuts in water supply. While they have promised to give what I believe to be a very sensible proposal some consideration, it is too late for the people in my constituency, who at most have a day's notice of this water cut.

"It must also be questioned whether it is really necessary to entirely deprive areas of water for three days to carry out this repair work. Could the water pressure not be lowered, but an essential supply maintained? And if the water does have to be entirely cut off, putting two water tankers into the area shows nothing more than utter contempt. How are people without cars, or senior citizens, or the disabled, expected to trek to the nearest tanker, the existence of which most will not be aware of, and bring home enough water for three days?"


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