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Outrage at voter registration process

30 November, 2006

Sinn Féin General Election candidate in Dublin North West Councillor Dessie Ellis has expressed his outrage at the unfolding fiasco of voter registration. Councillor Ellis has found that a large number of people (approximately ninety) along the flats on Coultry Road Ballymun as well as approximately eighty Families in the new housing scheme in Scribblestown have been omitted from the new Draft Register.

Following representations by Cllr Ellis to the Area Manager these households will be visited door to door to make sure that this error can be rectified.

Sinn Fein activists have been calling door to door across the North West Area in an effort to ensure people have their democratic right to vote.

Councillor Ellis said, "We are concerned that many people may accidentally have been omitted from the register during the council's recent house to house overhaul of the electoral register. While people can get on the Supplementary Register until 15 days before an election, it is a more complicated process, so we are making a real effort in advance of the deadline to get as many people registered or re-registered as possible.

"While we welcome the two week extension in the deadline for the register until the 9 December we are very concerned that people who have been on the register for many years may now be deprived of their right to vote. The City Council needs to ensure that such people can get back on the register without having to go through the complicated process of the Supplementary Register. Sinn Féin has been involved in a state-wide voter registration drive for the past number of months. We are making a big push to remind people not only to ensure they are registered, but also to come out and vote in the next election.

"We are particularly encouraging young people and new voters to get themselves onto the register. It is so important that everyone has their say in decision making in areas such as Health, Education, Housing and Transport." ENDS

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