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Water tanks for the north-side inadequate - O'Toole

2 December, 2006

Sinn Féin’s Dublin North East election candidate Cllr Larry O’Toole has described the emergency water cover for the north-east of Dublin during the shutting down of water supplies this weekend as inadequate. He was speaking at the water tank at UCI Coolock today, where local people were collecting water.

Cllr O’Toole said: “The first thing that needs to be said about the announcement is that the Council failed to make every effort to inform people of the shutting off of water supplies. Some time ago I proposed to the City Council that as well as newspaper advertisements, they undertake to put up posters in strategic locations in the areas that will be affected by cuts in water supply. While they have promised to give what I believe to be a very sensible proposal some consideration, it is too late for the people in my constituency.

“Two stationary water tankers are now set to provide the bulk of water needed by tens of thousands of people across the north-side. For those unable to get to these tanks they must rely on a small number of mobile water-tankers. People without cars, senior citizens, the disabled and those with young families are going to find this especially difficult.

“I have no doubt Council workers will do everything they can over the weekend to ensure disruption is minimal, but I believe more should have been done to ensure people were informed, and that the level of emergency provision for those who are housebound or who would find it difficult to get to the stationary tanks is inadequate.”


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