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Councils must target the gaps in register  - Crowe

4 December, 2006

Speaking after a successful weekend registration drive by Sinn Féin in his constituency, the party’s Social Affairs spokesperson Seán Crowe TD said the onus now lay on South Dublin Council. He went on to call on the Council, and local authorities across the state, to ‘ensure resources are targeted at those areas where there are clear gaps in the register’ for the few days remaining.


The Dublin South-West TD said: “Following our voter registration drive last Saturday, when three dozen Sinn Féin activists were out in Tallaght West, where over 6,500 voters disappeared off the register, we have managed to re-register just over a thousand voters to date.


“With only a couple of days left to go there is no room for complacency. South Dublin County Council has failed to put in the time, energy and resources to ensure that the register is up to date. It has been up to political parties, community groups, local residents associations and campaigners to do what the Council should have been doing for weeks. We need more and more imaginative ways of registering people. I would ask local newspapers to try and highlight the issue on their front pages this week and print the registration forms in each edition if at all possible.


“As hard as people have worked, I fear it is not going to be enough. This process has summarily stripped thousands of people in my constituency, and no doubt tens of thousands across the state, of their right to vote. Many of them, as pointed out in the media over the weekend, from severely disadvantaged urban areas.


“South Dublin Council still has four days left to get people on the doorsteps and to ensure resources are targeted at those areas where there are clear gaps in the register. Across the state, other local authorities must do the same. Time is running out for those people who have been deprived of their rights as Irish citizens.”


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