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Morgan - Right wing posturing from out-of-touch Parlon pathetic

18 August, 2003

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Housing Arthur Morgan has described Tom Parlon's remarks at the Parnell Summer School in support of property speculators as "right wing posturing" designed to woo his PD colleagues in advance of a leadership battle between himself and Michael McDowell when Mary Harney steps down.

Deputy Morgan said, "Tom Parlon has learned quickly at the feet of the governments ideologues of the right, McCreevy and McDowell. His right wing posturing aimed at wooing his PD colleagues in advance of a battle with McDowell for the leadership of the far right minority party is pathetic.

"Minister Parlon's defence of the role of greedy property speculators at the Parnell Summer School over the weekend and in interviews today clearly shows how out of touch and detached from public opinion and the public good that he and his Government have become. If he thinks Parnell and Davitt spent the long years of the land war struggling to create a state in which the rights of profiteers would be so inflated as to deprive ordinary people of housing it is time he re-read the history of that period.

"The land of Ireland belongs to the people of Ireland and the right of people to housing will always take precedence over the profit making interest of landowners.

"The mere fact that this crisis has been allowed to get so out of hand illustrates the necessity for clarity in the constitution to give a more explicit protection to the common good. The constitution committee must act in the interest of the thousands of Irish people because this government certainly has no intention of doing so. It has abandoned those who find themselves unable to afford current house prices, who are trapped in an unregulated private rented sector, who are on housing waiting lists or who are homeless.

"It is quiet simple - Tom Parlon could not give a damn that thousands of Irish people are homeless. He does not give a damn about the countless number of homeless people he walks by each day as he makes his way to his office to spend his day defending the free market economy and wielding the auction hammer in publicity stunts to promote the sale of state property to the same speculators whose rights he does not hesitate to valiantly defend." ENDS

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