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de Brún calls on British Government to ensure that proposed Irish language legislation is fit for purpose

8 December, 2006

Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún today called on the British government to ensure that the proposed Irish Language legislation is 'fit for purpose'.

Speaking after a meeting with representatives of Irish Language community groups Ms De Brún said:

"I am calling for the speedy release of the 'Consultation Paper on Proposed Irish Language Legislation' which will allow the Irish Language community to judge on the intent to deliver on the St Andrews commitment.

"I am also calling on the British Government to ensure that the consultation is not diverted outside the St Andrews commitment by raising the issue of the weaker position of Scots Gaelic or the status quo of the European Charter as possible models for discussion.

"There are furthermore a number of areas of major concern, raised with me and shared by our party, and it is therefore essential that any proposed legislation is enacted at Westminster; that it is rights-based and properly resourced, that a commissioner is appointed to oversee its implementation and  that it is drafted in line with the St Andrews
Agreement reflecting on the experience of Wales and the South of Ireland and is not diluted to reflect the weaker position of Scottish Gaelic or the status quo as embodied in the European Charter." ENDS

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