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Figures show criminality rife in British Army

13 December, 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly member Philip McGuigan has said that figures released by the British Government concerning convictions in magistrates and Crown courts received by members of the British Army posted in the six counties were shocking. The figures show that hundreds of British army members were being convicted for criminality each year.

Mr McGuigan said:

"Nationalists know only too well the criminal behaviour which the British Army have been engaged in since they were first deployed in Ireland. However people will be shocked at the extent to which criminality permeates the ranks of the British Army serving in the six counties.

"Well over 1000 members of the British Army serving in the six counties have received criminal convictions in magistrates and Crown courts over the past six years. Given the fact that this level of criminality within the British Army continues year on year it is clear that it is tolerated by the British Army top brass.

"The only way in which the community in the six counties will be protected from the criminal excesses of the British Army is for the British Army to be removed from the six counties once and for all and for the British government to live up to the commitments it entered into over eight years ago with regard to demilitarisation." ENDS

Editors Note:

Number of convictions of British Army personnel in six counties in past six years.

2001 - 242

2002 - 281

2003 - 300

2004 - 282

2005 - 158

2006(1) - 83

(1)As at 30 November

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