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Doherty - pandering to anti Agreement unionists crippling process

20 August, 2003

Commenting on reports that the UUP Executive has received the necessary number of signatures from the 'No' camp to trigger a meeting of the UUC, Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP said:

"The pandering policy of the British government to every whim of rejectionist unionism is having the effect of crippling the entire peace process. This pandering to unionism is what has driven the decision of the British government to suspend the political institutions and cancel the Assembly elections.

"The approach of the British government to managing the peace process has given succour to those within rejectionist unionism who wish to see the Agreement fail. This has led to the implementation of the Agreement becoming dependent on the whim of the repeatedly recalled UUC.

"The British government need to remember that the Good Friday Agreement is an international treaty, overwhelmingly endorsed by the people of this island. It is not the property of the grey suits within the UUC who seem to have been given power over its implementation.

"If progress is to be achieved the British government need to end this policy and place the implementation of the Agreement before the internal demands of the UUP." ENDS

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