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Murphy - SDLP Attacks Will Not Deflect Sinn Féin

21 August, 2003

Responding to comments made in today's Irish News by SDLP Deputy Leader Brid Rogers, Sinn Féin Representative Conor Murphy said that 'recent election results would indicate that it is not Sinn Féin who need to wake up and listen'.

Mr Murphy said:

"In the last Westminster election Sinn Féin overtook the SDLP as the largest nationalist party. The people of West Tyrone rejected Brid Rogers' analysis and she has since indicated that she will be retiring from electoral politics.

"This happened because Sinn Féin listens to the people we represent. It happened because we are unashamed in demanding equality, justice, human rights and a united Ireland. It happened because we opposed the SDLP's post nationalist political platform.

"Attacks from whatever quarter on Sinn Féin, be they from rejectionist unionism or post nationalist parties, will not deflect us from our task of moving the peace process forward and delivering for the thousands of people across this island who want to see the Agreement implemented and the peace process secured." ENDS

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