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Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MLA Francie Malloy speaking in favour of the Ard Chomhairle motion at the party's Extraordinary Ard Fheis

28 January, 2007

st build and prepare for unity. We must lay the foundations, put the building blocks in place, for an all Ireland accountable civic policing service. It is Sinn Féin‚s job to accelerate political change north and south, to ensure that changes to policing structures are a transitional stage towards an all-Ireland policing service in a united Ireland. This is a big challenge, but we are up to it.

Some fear that engaging with the PSNI will legitimise partition and British jurisdiction in Ireland. While this may be a genuine fear, it is misplaced. Engaging with policing is the only way in which Republicans can ensure that it is not used as a political weapon to underwite the status quo and frustrate political change. We must ensure that policing is never again used as a tool of political repression or a prop for unionism.

Republicans must grasp the opportunity to hold the PSNI to account. In the twenty six counties Sinn F

This is a necessary and crucial step in a republican strategy which has been paying huge dividends for our struggle. It is a necessary step in meeting the needs of communities in the North who deserve an equitable, efficient, accountable and human-rights-compliant police service. It is one further step out of the past and into the future. Policing is another arena of struggle for this party in our journey to freedom, in building the Republic.

I wish to second the motion. CRÍOCH

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