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Adams - No equivocation from Sinn Féin

29 January, 2007

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP speaking today at Stormont said:
"The Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle motion was very clear and unambiguous. And it was overwhelmingly endorsed by the party membership at the Ard Fheis yesterday. The Ard Chomhairle will meet tomorrow to discuss the outcome of the Ard Fheis and its ramifications. But let me be clear. Sinn Féin is moving forward.

"The DUP has no veto over this motion or Sinn Fein' approach to policing. No party can lecture any other party about law and order or set tests. The people we represent are as law abiding as anyone else.

"The motion sets out two contexts for progress. The first, the preferred one, is with the DUP in a power sharing Executive as set out in the Good Friday Agreement. However, if the DUP is unwilling to embrace power sharing then there is a second context. The two governments need to move forward with new all-Ireland partnership arrangements.

"Sinn Féin will work with them to assure that these arrangements are acceptable to republicans. However, whatever happens the DUP will have no veto, no block on progress.  And Sinn Féin is determined to move forward on the policing issue and all other matters."

Asked about Sinn Féin's attitude to crime and the police Mr. Adams said:

"Let me be very clear. If any citizen is the target of crime, whether it be death riders, drug pushers or rape, or attacks on our elderly, if there are crimes against the people, against citizens, Sinn Fein will be urging and encouraging victims and citizens to co-operate with the police.  There is no equivocation or qualification on this.

There are justifiable concerns about political dimensions of policing. Collusion for example needs to be tackled but at all of the meetings I did no one raised any question about the need for civic policing. The PSNI need to win the confidence of citizens. They do that by being professional, non partisan and genuinely civic. That is a public service for citizens."ENDS


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