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Sinn Féin secures first step in ending the reign of rogue developers

6 February, 2007

Sinn Féin Councillor Killian Forde has welcomed the wide support he received for his City Council motion calling for the introduction of new laws that would ensure the days of rogue developers are brought to an end.

At last nights Dublin City Council meeting, Councillors agreed to a motion calling for the Minister of the Environment to enable legislation so local councils can carry out "reference checks" on applicants for planning permissions.

Councillor Forde stated "This motion will authorise the Planning Department to be able to refuse to grant planning permissions based on the developers previous building history. Presently the Planning Department is only allowed to examine and assess a developers planning application solely on its individual merit. This same developer may have a decades long legacy of non compliance with planning permissions; leaving estates half finished, roads unbuilt, community facilities not started and essential infrastructure such as lights, gates, paths and boundary walls omitted."

Killian pointed out that "It is the taxpayer who ends up footing the bill to complete these estates, while the developer is off half building another estate and pocketing millions in profits. It is insanity that this continues and a reflection of the collusion that exists between this government and the fundraising wing of Fianna Fail, the construction industry".

"It is time that the Minster of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dick Roche, give us the legislative tools for councillors to do their jobs that will ensure the legacy of uncompleted, massive estates with no facilities is a legacy of the past" added Councillor Forde.


That this council calls on the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to enable the passing of a bye law for Dublin City Council to condition planning permission on previous works carried out by the applicant, the directors of an applicant company or any subsidiary.

A legislative tool such as this proposed would ensure that developers had a very strong incentive to complete all works as laid down in granted planning permission. Far too often the City Council is left to pick up the pieces in relation to unfinished estates, buildings and infrastructural works

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