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McDonald hits out at Commission arrogance and ignorance

7 February, 2007

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald today hit out at European Commission President José Manuel Barroso who has questioned the practice of holding referendums on new EU treaties. Barroso speaking in the Netherlands suggested the practice 'makes our life in the EU more complicated'.

Ms. McDonald said: "The comments of Mr Barroso betray arrogance and ignorance. Arrogance, because the French and Dutch people after an informed debate democratically rejected the EU Constitution and ignorance, because some Member States including Ireland are constitutionally bound to hold referendums on most new EU Treaties. The fact that Mr Barroso was speaking in the Netherlands, where the Dutch people threw out the EU Constitution, only serves to emphasise that the EU Brussels 'elites' and bureaucrats are wildly out of touch with the concerns of citizens across the EU.

"I am now calling on Mr Barroso to publicly endorse the principle that each Member States is free to choose how it ratifies or rejects EU treaties in a way is consistent with their own constitutions and free from interference from Brussels."


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