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Burke calls on voters in Dublin Central to ensure they are on the electoral register

9 February, 2007

Sinn Féin Councillor Christy Burke, Director of Elections for Mary Lou Mc Donald MEP, has called on the residents of Dublin Central to ensure that they are registered to vote for the forthcoming election.

Cllr Burke said "with an election due within the next 16 weeks, it is important that those entitled to vote in Dublin Central do so. Although the register is now closed, residents can get on the supplementary list by completing the RFA1 form which is available from Garda Stations, Libraries or by contacting one of the seventeen Sinn Féin elected representatives in the city".

Mary Lou Mc Donald added "the last local and European elections in 2004 saw a massive increase in the voter turnout in working class areas of this city. despite the poor state of the register in many areas. The registration drive from the local authorities has improved the situation but people need to check if they are on the list and if not they need to submit the RFA1 form".

The Dublin Central candidate added "for ordinary working people who are enraged at the appalling state of the health system, under resourced public transport system, overcrowded schools and horrific levels of crime, the power to demand change lies with them. They need to register, vote and demonstrate that power". ENDS

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