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Molloy - people must

15 August, 2003

Mid Ulster representative Cllr Francie Molloy, who was on the original 1968 Civil Rights March said:

"People must protect their right to vote. Sinn Féin are calling on people to demand their right to vote. The Civil Rights Association was formed as a response to four decades of Unionist discrimination against Catholics.

"It had five demands: - One vote in Council elections; ending of Gerrymandering of electoral boundaries; machinery to prevent discrimination by public authorities and to deal with complaints; fair allocation of public housing; and the repeal of the Special Powers Act and disbanding of the B Specials.

"Today, 35 years later there has been much change but still sadly much of the core of these demands remains the same.

"There is the denial of the right to vote and the cancellation of Assembly elections. Unionism is still refusing to acknowledge its' role in systematic institutionalised discrimination and is still undermining the equality and human rights agenda. There is still need for the British government to deal with the issue of policing - the policy of collusion and the need to see the new beginning to policing promised in the Good Friday Agreement." ENDS

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