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Improved Sinn Féin mandate will help block Water Charges

14 February, 2007

Sinn Féin Regional Development Spokesperson and Foyle Assembly candidate Raymond McCartney said that Sinn Féin will use an increased mandate from the March 7th Assembly elections to block imposed Water charges at every opportunity.

Mr McCartney said:

"This week households across the north received their estimated water charges bill for 2007 -2008. The British government, against the clear wishes of the majority of people, has steamrolled this double taxation agenda through so as to ensure that the burden of additional water charges will become a reality for each and every household here as and from April.

"The most vulnerable in our society are being asked to foot the bill for the failure of British Ministers to invest in our infrastructure for the past 30 years.

"Over the past few days I have met many elderly constituents, single parents and families where people have to work two jobs just to pay their mortgage and all have spoken of their worries about these imposed charges on top of increasing domestic rate bills.

"The issue of water charges should have been deferred until to the re-establishment of the institutions here, but we are not surprised about the actions of the British government and we will tackle them head on.

"If we get a fresh, enhanced mandate I can state clearly that Sinn Féin will go back into Stormont and block water charges at every opportunity that presents itself. While others negotiated the Reinvestment and Reform Agenda that led to the Waiter Charges Sinn Féin consistently opposed the charge. In a future Executive Sinn Féin will bring forward workable alternatives that can sustain investment and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

"Sinn Féin has shown in the past that we use the mandate we are given by the people to pursue their interests and deliver on the key issue of the day. Water charges will be no different." ENDS

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