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Mary Lou Mc Donald says Fine Gael incinerator "opposition" exposed

15 February, 2007

Dublin Central candidate Mary Lou Mc Donald MEP has questioned Fine Gael’s “opposition” to incineration following their vote  in the European Parliament supporting the bizarre and ultimately failed attempt by the Commission to recategorise incinerators as waste recovery rather than disposal.

Ms Mc Donald speaking from Strasbourg said “This week in the European Parliament Fine Gael utterly failed to officially follow through on their stated opposition to incineration. With the exception of Simon Coveney, their other MEPs supported or abstained on a bizarre proposal by the European Commission on recategorising incineration.”

Mary Lou noted that “They supported this proposal despite overwhelming advice from the Environment Committee of the European parliament, Friends of the Earth and other global environmental groups and scientists not to do so.”

Sinn Féin MEP said that “if the vote on the recategorisation of incinerators had been successful big business would have been in receipt of an environmental stamp of approval for the rolling out of incinerators throughout Ireland and Europe.  Sinn Féin has consistently opposed incineration.”.


Highlighting Fine Gael duplicity on the issue Mary Lou stated that “we now have a situation where the largest, so called opposition party is saying one thing in Dublin and Louth and another in Brussels and Strasbourg. In Louth Fine Gael Spokesperson on the Environment Fergus O’Dowd TD has demanded that the government reverse its incineration policy and has stated that in relation to the proposed incinerator for Drogheda that there is “a clear health risk associated with living near incinerators” and that his constituents “cannot now take the risk of Government policy placing this monster in our midst and putting our health at risk”.

Yet as Mary Lou points out “O’Dowds running mate in Louth Mairead Mc Guiness MEP yesterday had a clear and actionable opportunity to deal a body blow to incineration and instead shirked away and abstained from the crucial vote”.

Mary Lou pointed out that “Fine Gael supposed opposition to the incinerator for Ringsend is also now questionable, their general election candidate for the area, has leafleted and turned up at meetings in opposition of the proposed incinerator. Yet yesterday their Dublin MEP Gay Mitchell voted in support of the incinerator proposal”.

“The days of the two major parties being able to get away with saying one thing in the European parliament one day and the total opposite in Ireland the next , are over. Sinn Féin will continue to highlight the gross hypocracy of this”, stated Mary Lou Mc Donald MEP.


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