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British need to remove Article 19 if they are serious about dealing with the past

20 February, 2007

Sinn Féin spokesperson on the Policing issue Gerry Kelly today attended both the Policing the Future conference in the Waterfront Hall and the collusion conference held to coincide with it in the Hilton Hotel.

Speaking after the events Mr Kelly said:

"This morning I attended the conference entitled Policing the Future in the Waterfront Hall. Given the title of this conference I was disturbed to find that no space on the agenda had been given over to discussing collusion. It was for this reason that I intervened in the proceedings to speak about the issue.. I also invited people present in the hall to take the opportunity to attend the conference in the nearby Hilton hotel organised by the families of those killed through collusion. I am happy that a substantial number of those present did make their way to the other event.

"Geraldine Finucane when she addressed the large crowd present made the point that to be able to move on we need to know what went on. That is advice which the British government need to heed. If the British government are serious about dealing with the past then the first thing that needs to happen is for them to remove Article 19 of the Inquires Act and allow the inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane to proceed in the terms demanded by Judge Corey. This is a simple test which will demonstrate clearly how serious those within the British system actually are about delivering for victims." ENDS

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