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Call for Local Community to stand shoulder to shoulder with Fire Service

22 February, 2007

Sinn Féin Foyle Assembly election candidate Raymond McCartney has called on all the people of Galliagh to do all in their power to ensure that attacks on the Fire Service are stopped and that they are allowed to do their jobs with out fear and go about the business of making our community safer.

Mr McCartney said,

" Over the last number of weeks a lot has been made of the attacks on the local Fire Service who were called to a few incidents in the Galliagh area. These acts that were carried out by a small number of mindless people could have led to serious injury or indeed the loss of life.

"Since these attacks occurred a meeting has taken place in the area between local politicians, community workers and the Fire Service to see what can be done to prevent such attacks occurring in the future. It is my opinion that this meeting was positive and a process has been set up in which community support for the Fire Service will be at the fore.

"It is the support of the local community that is vital in putting the message out that these attacks will only have a detrimental effect on this area and the people involved should be made aware of the potential consequences that these attacks could have. It is very possible that someone could lose their life if the Fire Service decides that it is unsafe for their members to enter this area at night.

"On behalf of the local community I would like to take this opportunity to commend the Fire Service for the great work that they do. I would also call on all the residents, especially parents, to do what they can to both educate the young people involved in these attacks and to be vigilant to ensure that these attacks do not happen again. On Monday the local community took an initiative by inviting the Fire Service to the area to show their solidarity with them and to also to get the message to the young people involved that the local community does not want to see the Fires Service being attacked." ENDS

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