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DUP need to sort out betwixt and between approach to power sharing

23 February, 2007

Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness today said that the DUP needed
to sort out their 'betwixt and between' approach to power sharing by March

Mr McGuinness said:

"The message that I am getting on doorsteps across the different
constituencies that I have been in is clear. People want to see local
politicians taking responsibility and taking decisions. There are too many
big issues out there to be left to part time British Direct Rule Ministers.

"People are frustrated that the DUP remain equivocal about taking
responsibility. The DUP need to sort out their betwixt and between attitude
to entering a power sharing Executive on March 26th. If the DUP choose to
walk away they also need to realise that the process of change does not
stop.  The will loose the Assembly, the one institution that unionism argued
for. Additionally, all-Ireland activity and bodies will be bolstered and
expanded in new partnership arrangements.

"Sinn Féin remain focused on Plan A. We remain committed to seeing the
political institutions set out in the Good Friday Agreement delivered. The
DUP is the only obstacle to that happening. The DUP need to come on board
with the rest of the parties who have all indicated a willingness top take
responsibility and indicated that they are up for power sharing by March
26th.  If they do not, then the process moves on without them" ENDS

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