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Kelly - UUC Cannot Have Veto Over Process

27 August, 2003

Commenting on the news that another UUC meeting will take in early September, North Belfast Sinn Féin Representative Gerry Kelly said that 'the UUC cannot be allowed to have a veto over the peace process'.

Mr Kelly said:

"Over the past five years the continual pandering to negative unionism by the British government has resulted in the peace process becoming stalled and many aspects of the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement remain outstanding.

"Internal difficulties within the UUP are no excuse for the continual stalling of key aspects of the Equality and Human Rights agenda which is at the core of the Agreement.

"People did not vote for the implementation of the parts of the Agreement which elements of the UUP are comfortable with. They voted for the full implementation of the Agreement and these rights and entitlements cannot be contingent on the outcome of a UUC meeting." ENDS

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