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Adams - Sinn Féin vote highly motivated

7 March, 2007

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams was this morning joined by fellow West  Belfast candidates Paul Maskey and Sue Ramsey along with party MEP Bairbre  deBrún to cast their votes at St. Teresa's School on the Glen Road.

Speaking to the press after voting Mr Adams said:

"This was not the flat election campaign portrayed by the media. I have been  in constituencies across the six counties and people are up for this  election. There is also significant international interest in the poll as  can be seen from the amount of foreign correspondents present here today.

"Having travelled extensively over the past number of weeks I have to say  that I am confident that the Sinn Féin vote is highly motivated and that it  will come out in large numbers throughout the course of the day. This is a hugely important election and will decide the direction of politics here in  the years to come.

"We are an all-Ireland party and on Friday at the conclusion of the count in  Belfast I will travel to Dublin to formally launch our General Election campaign in the 26 counties. This is a time of tremendous opportunity for  people on this island. A strong Sinn Féin vote today will ensure that the  process of change continues and that a strong Sinn Féin team is elected to  the Assembly and the Executive." ENDS


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