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Crowe addresses Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform Rally in Washington

7 March, 2007

Sinn Féin TD Seán Crowe is in the US this morning to express Sinn Féin's support for the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform rally on Capitol Hill in Washington today. Speaking at the rally today Deputy Crowe congratulated the organisers and said the proposed new McCain Kennedy Bill has the potentials to provide a pathway to citizenship for the many thousands of undocumented Irish Americans."

Deputy Crowe said, "Regardless of people's politics, the issue of undocumented Irish Americans and all the hardships that go with such status has to be resolved in a humane manner. I believe the new McCain Kennedy Bill provides the way forward. It represents a pathway to citizenship for the many thousands of undocumented Irish Americans.

"I would like to congratulate and thank the organisers of today's rally for keeping this issue well and truly on the political landscape. It is imperative that we come to a successful conclusion of this matter.

"The fear of not being allowed re-enter the US, where many Irish people have made good lives for themselves, has meant that these people have been cut off from their families and their native country. This has caused much hardship for the undocumented Irish and for their families back home in Ireland and has meant visits, holidays, weddings and even funerals in Ireland are out of the question.

"We must remember that the undocumented Irish work very hard and make a powerful contribution to American social life the economy. It is now time for them to be granted citizenship.

"When Sinn Féin is here in DC during St. Patrick's week, we will consistently raise your case to Congress, Senate and all whom we meet. And we look forward to meeting with your families in Dublin on April 14th to offer what support we can back in Ireland." ENDS

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