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Dublin Sinn Féin holds City-wide day of action to highlight public transport chaos in the capital

21 March, 2007

Speaking this morning after a citywide Transport Day of Action by Sinn Féin, where activists dropped banners and handed out thousands of leaflets in Fairview, the Red Cow Junction, Blanchardstown and at the Ha'penny Bridge, Transport spokesperson Seán Crowe said, "Today Sinn Féin are highlighting the capital's traffic chaos and telling commuters that it does not have to be this way if our range of proposals are implemented. Sinn Féin is calling for an end to tolls and for an extra 500 buses for Dublin Bus."

The Dublin South-West TD, who attended the Morning of Action at the extremely busy Red Cow junction, said, "Decades of public transport underfunding by successive governments has ensured that Dublin grinds to a halt with traffic chaos on a daily basis. This does not have to be the case. With proper public transport investment the people of this city could have what they deserve, that is efficient, cheap, clean, safe, and faster and more frequent transport. The amount of private cars is unsustainable regarding traffic chaos and pollution. We need more buses as viable alternatives to private cars, and we need those public buses now.

"Though the government claim that the amount of private cars is due to affluence and a successful economy, their conclusion is flawed. A significant number of people use private cars, not because they are a luxury but because they have fast become a necessity in Dublin. Some people simply have no choice due to inadequate government funding of Bus Átha Cliath.

"People are spending less time with their loved ones because of increasingly long and frustrating commutes, having a significantly detrimental impact on their quality of life. Sinn Féin is calling for 500 more public buses to service the capital. We also want to see major improvements in Bus stops and shelters, for instance electronic information time informing commuters of exactly how long they have to wait.

"We wish to see a situation were all public transport is accessible to those with disabilities as a matter of urgency. We need integration between all modes of transport so that a single pass could be used on all forms. We are also urging the government to abandon their privatisation agenda. The model of privatising public transport has failed miserably, most notably in England with fatal results.

"In Government Sinn Féin would abolish the motorway tolls, yet another tax on people travelling to work. We also need major improvements for cyclists and pedestrians. We would promote cycling by improving the quantity and quality of cycle lanes and facilities and introducing free communal bicycles in the City Centre. The logic is simple, with more public transport there would be less cars, less traffic gridlock and less hassle when commuting and less damage to the environment. Sinn Féin is determined to achieve stress-free commuting in the Capital."


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