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Dwyer rejects two-tier healthcare system

24 March, 2007

Wexford General should be used as a pilot location to introduce policy of 'search and destroy' against MRSA

Speaking outside Wexford General Hospital at the first of Sinn Féin¹s health protests in a week of activity across the state, Sinn Féin Dáil candidate for Wexford, John Dwyer said, "It was once said that a good nation is measured not by the wealth that it creates but in how that nation spends the wealth it creates. If that yardstick were to be used in Ireland today then surly the only conclusion that we can reach is that we do not live in a good society.
"We live in a time when there is it appears to be an acceptable level of avoidable and preventable deaths.    People are dying because they are allowed to. They are dying because they do not get their diagnosis in time. They are dying because they do not get their treatment in time.  They are dying because this government allows them to.
"Those who are dying are not the movers and shakers or the powerful and wealthy.  They could use their power and influence to shape a society where inequality for many would mean prompt treatment for those who could afford
to pay.    For the rest of us - we are expected to be happy and content with a two-tier health service where we witness the immorality of tax payers money being used to fund large private hospitals where prompt treatment away
from ordinary people is the sales pitch.
"Any society which refuses to care for it's sick without first assuring itself of the size of the bank account of the one who is ill is a society which is has its priorities totally wrong.
"Across all strands of Irish society, ill health will effect every family at some point or other.      One example is that there is hardly a family in County Wexford that has not been affected by the scourge of cancer.   Every year in the south east hundreds of people loose the battle against this killer disease and we remember them in our thoughts here today.   But let us also remember that many of those who have lost and will continue to loose the battle against cancer have lostS.not because they didn¹t have the will or the strength to surviveS..noS.they lost their battle because they relied on an under resourced health care system, they lost their battle because they were victims of the 'greed is good culture' of this government."
Dwyer went on to commend and offer support to all those families who have campaigned  for public radiotherapy for the south east.     Their determination is driven by their experiences, he said.
Turning his attention to MRSA he said he had the privilege of attending a meeting of MRSA and families and 'was deeply moved at the harrowing tale of neglect of many of our hospitals both public and private.' He called for
Wexford General to be used as a pilot location to introduce a 'search and destroy policy to fight MRSA.'
Saying that healthcare should be provided on the basis of need alone he said, "Sinn Fein totally rejects this two-tier policy.  Health care should be provided to all, where they need it and when they need it.
"Our party has campaigned on the issue of Wexford General for the last decade - collecting 12000 signatures around County Wexford to upgrade this hospital.  Sinn Fein have been to the forefront in demanding that our hospital, Wexford General is fully supported and funded as a state of the art public facility.
"We have received the unanimous and welcome support from 21 councillors  on Wexford  Co Co in our demand that the HSE would develop a comprehensive plan to develop Wexford General as it should be developed.  Such a plan should be far reaching and comprehensive and presents the Minister for Health with an opportunity to look again at the potential to expand the range of services at the hospital.   
"The opportunity to place public hospitals at the very top of the chain in providing 'in timeScomprehensive treatments' now exists and I call on all other political parties to join our campaign here today.
Dwyer concluded by making an appeal to the voters of Wexford. He said, "In the weeks ahead, Voters in this constituency will be asked to make a choice.You will be asked to choose between those who are prepared to make our health service equal to all -  or those who support the further down grading of our public health system while they use tax payers money and land to provide further develop private for profit medicine in Ireland.    Choose
wisely please." ENDS

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