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Adams - Disappointment at failure of leadership by DUP

24 March, 2007

Responding to the efforts of the DUP to secure a further delay in Monday’s planned restoration of the political institutions the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said: “There will be deep disappointment and dismay at the failure of leadership by the DUP and their efforts to frustrate the will of  the people”.

Mr. Adams said:
“Two weeks ago the people voted overwhelmingly for agreement and for the  restoration of the political institutions. All of the other parties are ready for government. There are no outstanding issues.

The DUP seeks to frustrate the will of the electorate. It cannot be allowed to block or delay progress.

Peter Hain has majored on his commitment to devolution or dissolution by Monday. He needs to keep to this.

If the DUP wants a functioning assembly after March 26 this can only happen through direct dialogue and agreement with Sinn Fein and the other parties.

In the meantime the two governments must now proceed to put in place their all–Ireland partnership arrangements.

The Irish government especially must compensate for the absence of local political institutions by providing effective representation in the political institution of the Irish state for citizens living in the north. The process of change must proceed."ENDS

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