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Demolition of Rosemount Barracks and Masonic British Army camp welcomed

26 March, 2007

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has welcomed the start of the demolition of both Rosemount Barracks and Masonic British Army camp.

Mr McCartney said,

"I welcome the fact that heavy lifting equipment has now been moved onto both sites and hope that the work to remove these installations will now move swiftly along.

"These sites have been occupied for far too long and need to be returned to the people of the city in order to be developed.

"The Rosemount site needs to be returned to the community and developed in conjunction with the local community. The Masonic site is in very historic area and I have no doubt that it can be opened up so that the historic buildings within that area can become more accessible to the public.

"It is important that the spytowers that occupy both sites are completely removed so the communities beneath them can return to a life without being under the gaze of the British securocrats.

"This work needs to be carried out quickly and without major disruption to the local community." ENDS

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