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Michelle Gildernew to attend Roseann Mallon Inquest

2 September, 2003

Sinn Féin Fermanagh South Tyrone MP MIchelle Gildernew will attend the Inquest into the murder of Roseann Mallon tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd September at 10.30am in Dungannon Court House. She will be available to talk to the media.

Murder of Roseanne Mallon

Roseanne Mallon, a 70 years old woman from Cullenrammer Road, near Dungannon, County Tyrone was shot dead in her sister's home by UVF, on 8 May 1994. The weapons used in the killing were part of the haul brought to Ireland from South Africa in 1988 with the help of British Intelligence Agents.

The day before the killing two young boys disturbed a number of armed men in an old house near the scene of the shooting. The boys parents informed the RUC soon after the incident. After the shooting the RUC said the men were a hunting party. Two of Miss Mallon's nephews, who lived in the house where she was shot, were regularly harassed by RUC members and threatened that their details would be sent to the UVF.

Residents living in the area where the gunmen's car was abandoned after the shooting said none of them were questioned about the incident. Cardinal Cahal Daly, calling for an inquiry, said many questions remained unanswered.

Two months after Roseanne's death, a neighbour accidentally stumbled across several sophisticated surveillance cameras that were trained on the Mallon home. When these cameras were discovered both the RUC and the British MoD denied that they belonged to them. However, when the cameras were shown on TV the MoD admitted that they belonged to them. Even more disturbing was the revelation, which was uncovered when the Mallon's took a civil case against the British Government for trespassing on private property, that the two cameras were in position and trained on the Mallon home at the time of Roseanne's murder.

It is believed that these cameras could actually send live pictures. On top of this it was also disclosed that there were two covert dugouts with three British soldiers in each dugout who actually reported the shooting but were told to stay where they were and not to apprehend the gunmen.

In June 2003 the family of Roseanne Mallon called upon the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Summary or Arbitrary Executions to visit the Six Counties on a preliminary fact-finding mission. Martin Mallon, the nephew of Roseanne Mallon explained, "This is the only avenue that we see open. We have basically exhausted the inquest system. We've been there nine times in ten years and now the PSNI and MoD are taking about introducing certificates of immunity to protect the very people that we're trying to uncover.

" For this to ever be laid to rest and for everybody to say we know what happened, the UN needs to come in and investigate from day one right through. We want to know at what level this was sanctioned within the British Government".

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