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Respect All Monuments Call by MP after Hunger strike monument vandalised again

29 March, 2007

Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy speaking after another attack on a monument dedicated to Hunger Striker Raymond McCreesh and his comrades has appealed to all communities to show respect to all monuments and places of reflection and remembrance.

The granite monument, which is sited beside the village of Camloch home place of Raymond McCreesh was erected by the local community sixteen years ago years ago, and which was badly damaged in an attack last year, was in this latest attack daubed with paint. Loyalist slogans were painted on walls in the locality of the village.

Mr Murphy said:

"Those who desecrated this monument have an agenda of causing division, hurt and provocation.

"There is only one proper reaction to this attack and that is to state clearly to those engaged in this type of activity that they are wrong and they will not achieve their objective of fuelling bitterness and division."

The Sinn Fein MP called on politicians and community leaders from all perspectives to state very clearly that they supported such a sentiment. He said:

"There is a need for representatives to exercise community responsibility in the face of such incidents as those behind these attacks are engaging in mindless, destructive behaviour and have nothing to offer our communities."

Chairperson of the Camloch Heritage Society Tommy Lynch also expressed his disappointment at the recent attack.

Mr Lynch added:

"Only last month we as a group and a community celebrated the rededication of this monument after the last attack. I share the disappointment of all at this latest incident and I would appeal to community and civic leaders from all traditions to do all they can to ensure that these attacks cease."

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