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Council slammed over failure to act on serious threat to children's safety

29 March, 2007

South Dublin Sinn Féin general election candidate Shaun Tracey has slammed Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council after they failed to act when he alerted them to a situation where potentially lethal intravenous drug needles have been recklessly discarded drug user in an ESB compound located in a local community in South Dublin. Mr. Tracey said over two weeks after he informed the Council about the syringes, which pose a serious threat to children who regularly play in the area, absolutely nothing has been done about it.

Mr. Tracey said, "Over two weeks ago, after being contacted by concerned residents in the Carrickmount Avenue area I immediately got in touch with the Council to alert them to this worrying situation where a number of used syringes are lying around in the centre of a large housing estate where many young children live and play. I asked them to deal with this as a matter of urgency as one child has already had to have a blood test after falling on one of the needles.

"However, more than two weeks later, the council has failed to act and the needles remain in the compound posing the same serious threat. This is an absolute outrage. How many more children need to fall on these needles before the council acts?

County Manager Owen Keegan assured me that he would pass my concern on to the Anti-Social Behaviour Section however I have heard nothing from them. If the situation remains unchanged by the weekend I may consider clearing the needles from the site myself. However it is an absolute disgrace that it has come to this stage. The council should have acted immediately after learning of this situation.

"No matter who does the dirty work of actually cleaning the site, it is imperative that the council make this site unusable for drug users. I have proposed that a roof be put on the compound and any other measures that may be deemed practical and safe be implemented to prevent drug users from gaining access.

"This situation must be rectified soon so that kids can play in safety and parents can feel happy to allow their children out on the streets. Every man, woman and child should have the fundamental right to feel safe in their own community." ENDS

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