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Speaking this morning, Sinn Féin Communications spokesperson Seán Crowe urged the Minister for Communications Noel Dempsey to “urgently act to prevent the total collapse of this state’s post office network”.

30 March, 2007

Speaking this morning, Sinn Féin Dublin South-West TD Seán Crowe heavily criticised the government and their "lethargic response to the deadly MRSA infection crisis which is striking fear into hospital patients throughout the state". Deputy Crowe revealed today how a personal friend of his actually signed himself out of hospital for fear of MRSA. The very next day there was an outbreak in the ward he had been staying in.

Deputy Crowe said, "MRSA is now prevalent in every Irish hospital and the situation surrounding this deadly infection is extremely worrying for hospital patients. Just recently a personal friend of mine, attending Tallaght Hospital as a cancer patient, actually resorted to signing himself out of hospital due to his concerns about contracting MRSA. The very next day there was an outbreak in his hospital ward. Already stressed out patients, and their families and friends, having to cope with long waiting times and overcrowded conditions in our hospitals are further worrying due to this MRSA outbreak."

"This state has one of the worst rates of MRSA infection in Europe. By this government presiding over a crumbling public healthcare system, with crowded wards and a distinct lack of single isolation rooms in hospitals, they are facilitating the spread of MRSA. In the Netherlands for instance they have implemented very effective programmes that have eradicated infection and saved lives. Irish patients deserve nothing less than to be protected like this.

"The problem has been allowed to deteriorate due to overcrowding in our hospitals, a direct result of the Government's failure to increase hospital bed capacity by 3,000 as promised. The Government need to act, and act fast to prevent further lives being lost."


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