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Dublin 15 'Affordable' Housing Sham

3 April, 2007

Blanchardstown Sinn Féin Councillor Felix Gallagher has described as a sham the price of €345,000 for Affordable Housing in the Ongar area. Cllr Gallagher was the only member of the Council's Housing Special Policy Committee that opposed the decision and predicted the controversy.


Cllr Gallagher said "At the last Housing SPC we were asked to increase the upper limit of what people could earn to qualify for 'affordable' housing. At that meeting I pointed out that we should not facilitate this sham and that there was nothing affordable about having to have an income greater than twice the average wage. I was scoffed at by some Labour councillors who accused me of trying to block people from accessing affordable housing. My suggestion was to refuse the increase and to write to the Minister and the Affordable Homes Partnership telling them to come up with a plan B that was genuinely affordable. While agreeing to write to the Minister expressing concern at the wage the majority agreed to increase the qualifying income limit. This case shows that the government are not serious about providing affordable housing. If they were they would do away with the financial contribution option and would invest directly in social housing. It also shows that the Labour Party is far from being an alternative Government and is nothing more than a conservative party." ENDS.

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