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SF to seek suspension of Wexford County Council's practise of spreading hazardous leachate waste

10 April, 2007

Sinn Fein's three County Councillors are to seek the suspension of standing orders of Wexford County Council today so as to propose an emergency motion to Wexford County Council's Aprils monthly meeting.

The motion will seek to compel Wexford County Council to suspend the hazardous practice of allowing human waste and other Leachate sludge to be spread in Co Wexford.(as documented on Pat Kenny show recently)This follows the uncovering by a team of environmentalists of the fact that Wexford Co Council has already permitted the spreading of over 400 tonnes of human waste sludge from a Dublin Sewage treatment plant on Co Wexford farmlands.

According to Sinn Fein's general election candidate Cllr John Dwyer, the issuing of Nuetrient Management Plans under the current system effectively allows the importation of both human waste along with a possible deadly concoction of Leachate from dumps across Ireland.

Speaking today following a party meeting, Cllr Dwyer stated,

"The fact that Wexford County Council have now admitted that they have permitted the spreading of over 400 tonnes of sewage waste from Dublin and that they that they have permitted the treatment of a chemical cocktail of over 2000 tonnes of waste leachate in one of their waste treatment plants, is a very alarming Development indeed considering the fact that they then proceed to spread the waste from the treatment plants on Wexford farmland. The potential for an environmental catastrophe is all the greater now as this chemical cocktail contains hundreds of substances some of which are carcinogenic.It is terrifying to think that there was no checking system in place in any of the Local Authority dumps to ensure that waste didn't contain lethal chemicals"

The following is the text of the motion to be submitted

"That considering the fact that there is considerable disquiet throughout County Wexford about the spreading of waste material from Waste Water Treatment Plants, that this council will immediately suspend the practice of allowing private firms to import and spread sewage waste from outside of County Wexford and that the practice of treating leachate from landfill will be suspended until this council is satisfied that there is no risk to human health from the disposal of the treated matter"ENDS

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