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Sinn Féin call for all-Ireland momentum for Air Ambulance

16 April, 2007

Sinn Féin South Assembly Member Cllr Willie Clarke, who was recently appointed his party's all-Ireland spokesperson and West Donegal TD candidate Cllr Pearse Doherty have called for an all-Ireland approach to build the momentum for the development of an Air Ambulance Service at St Angelo Airport in Fermanagh.

Mr Clarke said:

"This initiative is still at an early stage but there is undoubtedly considerable potential in the plan for an Air Ambulance Service being stationed at St Angelo Airport.

"As the only truly all-Ireland political party, with elected representatives on every forum in the North West region, Sinn Féin is ideally placed to assist and encourage the development of plans such as this.

"In particular, I am calling for a strong all-Ireland approach - involving Councils throughout the region - to bring this initiative to the next stage. At present, I understand from Sinn Fein colleagues in Fermanagh Council that cross-party support has been given to the initiative, with a comprehensive research study about to be undertaken.

"As my party colleague Pearse Doherty recently pointed out, opportunities for Donegal Airport at Carrickfinn to become part of this initiative should be fully explored.

"Given the systematic neglect shown towards health and transport infrastructure throughout the North West region - and particularly in Donegal - a local initiative such as this shows that the region can put forward positive and realistic proposals for the future.

"Alongside the GP 'Out of Hours' scheme recently undertaken along the North West border corridor, and the objectives set by the North South Ministerial Council in removing 'obstacles to cross-border mobility', this plan is another example of sensible planning for the North West region as a whole. It deserves comprehensive consideration on an all-Ireland basis." ENDS

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