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Why was Derry excluded from Consultation on location of Public Sector jobs?

20 April, 2007

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Martina Anderson said that she intends to get answers from the Department of Finance and Personnel about why its workshops on 'Consultation on Guiding Principles for the Location of Public Sector Jobs' failed to include Derry - the North's second City - in its preferred locations.

Ms Anderson said:

"This has been the hallmark of British Direct Rule Administrations. Under the Direct Rule Minister, DFP undertook a consultation process in Workshops at three locations across the North since the beginning of April on the issue of the location of Public Sector jobs. I cannot see any rationale for excluding the North's second City from this process. Could it be that this is the public manifestation of a policy of discrimination in the allocation of public sector jobs to the Derry City area? A claim persistently denied by NIO mandarins for decades.

"I want to know why these Consultation Workshops were located in Armagh, Limavady - a location that I understand did not materialise - and Templepatrick? Why were organisations in Derry excluded from participating in this process in their own City and denied the opportunity to show the many advantages the area has for the location of Public Sector jobs. This is unacceptable. The consultation period closes today but I will be seeking to have this process rerun to include Derry following the installation of the new Executive on May 8th.

"I can assure everyone that once the political institutions are re-established in May that along with my party colleague, Raymond McCartney MLA, I will be demanding that Derry receives its fair share of any Public Sector jobs available. I am contacting the DFP for an explanation." ENDS

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