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IMC ‘not needed’

25 April, 2007

Sinn Féin Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has dismissed the IMC report published today as irrelevant and called on loyalist and unionist leaders to use their influence bring a permanent end to loyalist violence.

Mr Murphy said:

"The IMC report published today is irrelevant. The IMC has made no positive contribution to moving the political process forward. It has no place in the political process and no constructive future role to play.

"No one needs an IMC report to know that republicans have delivered on their commitments and that loyalist organisations have a considerable distance to travel to deliver on what is required in terms of a wholehearted commitment to a peaceful future for everyone.

"Recent revelations about UVF intelligence gathering operation involving a member of the PSNI Administrative team and a serving member of the RIR raise questions again about collusion which must be answered. Such activities must be brought to a permanent end. Loyalist and unionist leaders must now demonstrate the sort of positive leadership required to influence organisations engaged in loyalist violence to permanently cease their activities.

"The recent agreement between Sinn Fein and the DUP has created a new hope and expectation about the future. It is an opportunity that all must play their part in consolidating and building upon." ENDS

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