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Investment in public transport must be a real priority

2 May, 2007

Sinn Féin Transport spokesperson Sean Crowe speaking at the launch of the party's transport proposals this morning said investment in public transport will be a priority for Sinn Féin in government.

Deputy Crowe said:

"Yesterday once again there was traffic chaos coming into Dublin City, particularly around the N7 and M50 adding hours onto the commute into work for many people. It was made worse by the fact that there was no garda presence, no information for motorists and the situation this morning was little better. And this is not a once off occurrence and is something that is replicated in many of our towns and cities every morning and evening and is drastically reducing peoples' quality of life.

"There are a number of critical problems in relation to transport difficulties right across this state. These include poor planning, a lack of investment in public transport and insufficient rail capacity including the phasing out of rail freight. There have been massive over runs on many publicly funded road projects and a rush to privatisation.

"Proper planning and accessible, safe and affordable public transport is an absolute necessity and is something that Sinn Féin will prioritise.

"In government we will introduce legislation to make it mandatory for public transport provision, including park and ride to be factored into all major housing developments at the earliest planning stages.

"We will invest in public transport - we want to see an additional 500 buses for Dublin bus and an expansion of the rural transport scheme. And within the city we want to see integration so that a single ticketing system is used for Dublin Bus, LUAS and DART.

We will end the use of tolling and are calling for the immediate lifting of the barriers on the M50 and the fast tracking of road works.

We want to see greater investment in the rail network for passengers and freight.

We will ensure that all public transport is accessible to those with disabilities as a matter of urgency. At present only half of all Bus Átha Cliath buses are accessible to people with disabilities.

We will reverse the government's privatisation agenda. The model of privatising public transport has failed miserably, most notably in England with fatal results.
"A high quality public transport system and roads network is essential both to continued economic growth and to improve peoples quality of life and we will make it a priority in government."ENDS

Ten proposals to get Dublin moving

  • Legislate for mandatory public transport provision, including park-and-ride facilities, to be factored into all major housing developments at the earliest planning stages.
  • Delivery of 500 additional buses for Dublin Bus
  • Major improvements in Bus stops with electronic information including bus times and routes
  • Improvements in quality and quantity of cycle lanes plus free communal bicycles in the city centre
  • Prioritise rapid construction of rail/metro links to Dublin Airport and development of the Heuston-Connolly rail link.
  • Immediate lifting of the toll barriers, fast-tracking of the road-works and extra investment in public transport to ease congestion on the M50 and allow people to get to and from work.
  • Proposals for the construction of a Luas line from O'Connell Street through Blanchardstown, terminating at the site of the proposed 1,200 car Park & Ride facility at the new Dunboyne/Pace railway station. .

Ten proposals to improve transport provision across the state

  • Reverse the policy of phasing out rail freight and institute a full review and restoration of this energy-efficient form of transport.
  • Plan for an extensive expansion of an all-Ireland rail network including an extended Western Rail Corridor serving Donegal and Derry, the Derry-Dublin rail link, and the West Cork railway network.
  • Develop a rail link to Shannon Airport, a Dublin-Navan rail link and upgrade the Derry-Belfast rail link.
  • Increase funding and provision of buses in rural areas including an extension to the hours of existing rural transport schemes, while making services available during both day and night.
  • Legislate for mandatory public transport provision, including park-and-ride facilities, to be factored into all major housing developments at the earliest planning stages.
  • Legislate to ensure that all public transport is accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Build a North-West Motorway/high speed dual carriageway serving the route from Dublin to Donegal/Derry.
  • Complete the M3 to serve the hard-pressed commuters of Meath and re-route it away from Tara.
  • Abolish motorway and road tolls.
  • Adopt a biofuel policy including tax incentives for the production of ethanol and provide incentives for car buyers to choose more environmentally friendly and efficient cars such as hybrid cars.

· Reverse the break-up of Aer Rianta, and return Air Lingus and Irish Ferries to public ownership or establish new companies in public ownership.

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