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Dublin City Council dumpting human waste in County Wexford

14 May, 2007

Reacting to media reports in today's Sunday newspapers about the dumping of human waste by Dublin City Council on farmland in Co. Wexford, Sinn Fein general election candidate, Cllr. John Dwyer said "very serious issues of health and the lack of accountability need to be addressed in relation to the issue".

Cllr. Dwyer said that he will "seek the suspension of standing orders at tomorrows meeting of Wexford County Council so that the matter can be urgently addressed."

Cllr. Dwyer said that "a number of months ago Sinn Féin along with residents from the Wellingtonbridge area of Wexford raised this matter with the council. At the time our concerns were dismissed by all of the other councillors and indeed we were told by officials that everything was perfectly safe. This was despite the fact that no testing had been conducted on the sludge that was being dumped. Now it has emerged that e-coli is present at the rate of fifteen times the legal limit on sludge that is being spread on farmland in the county. This is an absolute disgrace and I can't say that I am surprised. It is exactly what we warned of.

While the protection of our environment and the health of our community is a priority, everything must be done to limit further damage. There has to be accountability. Somebody was responsible for this and they must be held accountable. Those fellow councillors who dismissed myself and the residents of the Wellingtonbridge area as "scaremongerers" should hang their heads in shame. They have done a disservice to the people of Co. Wexford" ENDS

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