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Sinn Fein and SDLP to host cross party Irish language Act presentation

28 May, 2007

Sinn Féin and the SDLP are to host a cross party presentation on the Irish language with POBAL, the Irish language umbrella group, tomorrow, Tuesday 29 May at 11am in committee room 135, at Stormont.

The hosts, Francie Brolly, Sinn Féin and Dominic Bradley SDLP have jointly appealed to all MLA's to attend this event which will dispel the myths surrounding a proper rights based Irish language Act.

Both members have commended Janet Muller, Director of POBAL, and her group for her input into the content of an Act, which will reflect the rights of the Irish speaking community. They also have demanded an Act, which gives Irish Official status in the six counties, allows for an Irish language commissioner who is independent and includes safeguards for the language in education and broadcasting.

Mr Brolly said,

"The Irish Language Act should not become a political football as is the intention of David McNarry UUP, Gregory Campbell DUP et al. This issue is much too serious to become a bone of contention between the parties. I urge all the parties to use Tuesday's presentation as a learning exercise on the language legislation during the second DCAL consultation period." Deireadh/Ends

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