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Maskey dismisses criticism from SDLP MLA over flooding issue

6 June, 2007

South Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey has dismissed criticisms made by SDLP MLA Alasdair McDonnell about Sinn Féin's handling of the Lower Ormeau flooding issue.

Mr Maskey said,

"If Alasdair or any of his colleagues had bothered to visit the scene at the time of the flooding at the weekend he would be more fully aware of the situation.

"Alasdair is well aware that we are dealing with the Department, the Water Service, the Minister, and the Consumer Council to try and resolve this issue. The people who live in this area and are directly affected by the flooding know which elected representatives have been turning up at the meetings to try and tackle this problem.

"Alasdair should be aware that 'walking the walk', as he phrases it, means being on the ground and working with local residents to try and ensure that incidents like this are not repeated, and not merely engaging in meaningless
debates on the issue." CRÍOCH

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