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Failed EU Constitution cannot be revived - McDonald

6 June, 2007

Following a debate on the EU Constitution during today’s mini session of the EU Parliament Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald outlined Sinn Féin’s continued opposition to the reviving or repackaging of the EU Constitution. Her comments come amid widespread speculation that EU leaders are exploring the possibility of producing a slimmed down version of the treaty defeated by both French and Dutch voters in 2005.


Speaking today from Brussels Ms McDonald said:


“Sinn Féin has repeatedly outlined our opposition to the EU Constitution. In 2005 that text was put to the citizens of a number of EU member states in referenda. In France and the Netherlands citizens rejected it. On that basis the Constitution is dead.


“Any attempt to revive or repackage the Treaty would be undemocratic and further undermine what little confidence currently exists in many countries towards the decision making process in the EU.


“Sinn Féin is not opposed to a new treaty and has long argued for a real and widespread debate across each and every member state on the future of the EU. We believe that there are important discussions to be had on issues of democracy, transparency, public services, workers rights, migrant rights and foreign policy.


“Our party has held a number of large public events in recent years as part of our contribution to that debate. The Council and Commission would be better placed talking to member state governments about the form and content of the a debate that wasting public time and money in an attempt to revive what is in effect a dead Treaty.” ENDS

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