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Hope and History by Gerry Adams

12 September, 2003

September 26th in Ireland and November 4th in the USA sees the publication of a major new book by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams.

Mr. Adams will give a major interview on his new book to IRM on the Sinn Féin website in the next ten days. Check for further details.

The book, entitled 'Hope and History - Making Peace in Ireland' in Ireland, and 'A Farther Shore - Ireland's Long Road to Peace' in the USA, is a personal memoir and a unique inside story, revealing the truth behind the headlines of the Irish peace process.

It covers the tumultuous years from the late 1970s up to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

An author as well as an activist, Gerry Adams brings a vivid sense of immediacy and a writer's understanding of narrative to this story of the triumph of hope in what was long considered an intractable bloody conflict. He conveys the tensions of the peace process, the sense of teetering on the brink, and he has a sharp eye and acute ear for the more humorous foibles of political allies and enemies alike.

He reveals previously unpublished details of the peace process:

  • about the key players;
  • the truth about the secret contacts with the Catholic Church;
  • he speaks candidly about being shot;
  • he gives the inside story on the covert talks between republicans and the British government;
  • the Irish-American role and meetings in the White House;
  • the South African role;
  • he discloses details of his discussions with the IRA leadership;
  • the differences within republicanism and the emergence of 'dissidents';
  • the breakdown of the first IRA cessation
  • and he details for the first time the secret talks involving the Irish, British and US governments, the IRA leadership and the then British opposition leader Tony Blair, to reinstate the IRA cessation;
  • and then the Good Friday Agreement; what was agreed and what was promised.

He paints revealing portraits of the other leading characters in the drama that was acted out through ceasefires and stand-offs, discussions and confrontations. Amongst these are Tony Blair, Bertie Ahem, Mo Mowlam, Martin McGuinness, Albert Reynolds, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Jean Kennedy Smith, David Trimble, John Hume, Nelson Mandela and John Bruton and Charlie Haughey.

As one of the pre-eminent republican strategists of his generation he provides a first hand and authentic account of the principles and tactics underpinning modern Irish republicanism.

And in a world where peace processes are needed more urgently than ever before Hope and History provides a template for conflict resolution processes internationally.

Hope and History - Making Peace in Ireland is published by Brandon book on September 26th.

A Farther Shore - Ireland's Long Road to Peace is published by Random House in the USA on November 4th.

The book will also be published in Britain, Australia, Spain, Sweden and Canada.

The book will be available from


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