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Butler proposes amendment to DUP education motion

19 June, 2007

Sinn Féin's Education spokesperson, Paul Butler has tabled an amendment in regard to the following DUP motion;

That this Assembly notes that, following the McCrone Report: "Teaching Profession for the 21 st Century', a teacher induction scheme guarantees a one-year teaching post to every student graduating from a Scottish university with a teaching qualification; and calls upon the Minister of Education to liaise with the Scottish Executive on this matter, with a view to a similar scheme being introduced for teachers who train in the six counties

He said,

"I do support the spirit of this proposal because there are a lot of positive developments that have arisen for beginner teachers in Scotland from the Mc Crone report, through increased salaries, teacher induction and professional development.

However, there are obvious concerns such as the lack of guaranteed employment after the one year induction period. Probationary teachers will also have to compete on the job market with other applicants.

We are also not comparing like with like, we do need a structured approach to teacher graduates and the funding to enable this. The education dept has estimated that it will cost 12 million in it's first year and will increaser annually.

The Scotland Assembly is much more advanced than our six county Assembly which is only two months old. The Scottish teaching system is also differently organised than in Ireland.

Sinn Féin proposes that the assembly awaits the outcome of the Executive spending review rather than set priorities which cannot be met."

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