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Nigel Dodds should move on - Raymond McCartney

22 June, 2007

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond Mc Cartney has said that the Nigel Dodd's argument for an alternative stadium site has gone.

Mr Mc Cartney said:

"Nigel knows that the argument for an alternative venue for a stadium and conflict resolution centre has gone and he should stop misleading people.

"The development of the Long Kesh site involves two projects, the stadium and the development of the International Centre for Conflict Transformation and the listed prison buildings.

"This will not a shrine for terrorism as Nigel puts it, rather it will be a centre to study our past and celebrate our shared future.

"Nigel should be sensitive to the feelings of the whole community and should consult his party colleagues rather than release contradictory soundbites.

"Long Kesh has broad cross party support, is at a well advanced stage and the stadium is supported by all of the main sporting bodies." Deireadh/ENDS

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