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Sinn Féin support increased recognition for carers

25 June, 2007

Speaking before the debate Ms Ní Chuilín said,

"Throughout Ireland there are many hundreds and thousands of people who provide care for the ones they love. Carers are looking after their parents, their children, their partners, friends and other relatives. Families that have made the decision to care for their loved ones at home should be given as much assistance as possible. They are coping with physical and mental disability, with disability caused by aging. Yet in far too many cases they are not getting the support the need." She said.

"There are circumstances where carers have to cut back on food, heating and clothes, give up their jobs and sacrifice their pensions to care for their loved ones. This is despite the fact that carers support is worth £1.9bn a year to the north."

"The last Executive involving locally accountable Ministers identified family carers as a priority group requiring support. There is much more that needs to be done to support all of our carers, particularly in relation to meeting accommodation and needs for adaptations and also crucially in providing respite care."

She continued-

"Sinn Féin believes that providing carers with the adequate financial package is essential."


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