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DPP collusion decision means international inquiry only way forward

25 June, 2007

Commenting today after the DPP contacted victims and families of those killed through collusion and informed them that they would not be proceeding with the prosecutions recommended by the Stevens Inquiry into collusion, Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey, whose attempted murder was one of the cases considered said:

"It has to be remembered that the DPP are simply another level in the policy of collusion and the policy of concealment and cover up. It was the DPP who previously done a deal with Brian Nelson to keep evidence of collusion out of the public domain. This morning I received confirmation that the DPP would not be pursuing anyone for prosecution in my case or any of the others examined by Stevens.

"The scandal of today's statement is that it reveals that British Agents gave loyalists weapons which were used to kill Catholics. The DPP in failing to prosecute those at the very top who sanctioned and carried out this policy are part of a State cover up. There can be no other conclusion.

"Ultimately what this decision exposes is the fact that that British State are incapable of facing up to their involvement in the murder of citizens and British State structures cannot deliver truth and justice for those families involved. What is required is a full international independent inquiry into the British State policy of collusion. Clearly that is the only mechanism which will satisfy the many families bereaved through this policy."

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