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Sinn Féin table Assembly motion on flawed PPS decision

27 June, 2007

Speaking last night Ms Anderson said,

"This motion also supports all victims of the conflict and is intended to highlight this outrageous decision not to let justice prevail in the issue of collusion. Although not unexpected, given the history of cover ups, it is however an i ssue that cannot go away. This case cannot and will not be swept under the carpet.

"I shall be seeking cross party support for this motion when it is debated"

"The truth is that the scandal of yesterdays statement is that it reveals that British Agents gave loyalists weapons which were used to kill Catholics. The DPP in failing to prosecute those at the very top who sanctioned and carried out this policy are part of a State cover up. There can be no other conclusion.
"Ultimately what this decision exposes is the fact that that British State are incapable of facing up to their involvement in the murder of citizens and British State structures cannot deliver truth and justice for those families involved. What is required is a full international independent inquiry into the British State policy of collusion. Clearly that is the only mechanism which will satisfy the many families bereaved through this policy."

"However, we realise that the Assembly shall be going into recess in two weeks and if the motion is not debated before the 2 July, we shall return after the break with this issue to the fore."


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